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About West Valley City for West Valley City, Utah and Area

When you want to know West Valley City, Utah

Overview of West Valley City, Utah, United States

West Valley City is the second largest city in the state of Utah, USA and contributes to the makeup of the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area. West Valley City offers a mass amount of attractions such as museums, art galleries, movie theatres, and public events for tourists to enjoy in the company of a great community and impressive climate patterns. The economy of the city is healthy and is continuing to grow day by day as the various industries within the city continue to flourish and grow.

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  • Population: 108 896
  • Population Density: 3076.3/mi²
  • Area: 35.5/mi²
  • Latitude: 40°41?21?N
  • Longitude: 111°59?38?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Time Zone: Central Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of West Valley City, Utah

The city of West Valley, Utah was always a beautiful land area to look at but not live. A man by the name of Joseph Harker was looking to explore the land and brought his family and himself to the land which is now West Valley City. They settled in the land in the 1970's and as the population grew, so did the land and townships. Eventually three towns sprung, Hunter, Granger and Chesterfield. Over the years the towns began to share school districts', facilities, and venues, and eventually during the 1980's merged together to make history and form West Valley City, Utah.

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West Valley City's Demographics

West Valley City, Utah is a very diverse community with many different minorities residing within the city limits. Some of the most predominant races living within the city are Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Pacific Islanders. The city is well spread out and has a total population of 108 896 (census 2000) with 25 931 families surviving with an average annual income of $48 593. The income per capita for the city is $15 031, with 8.7% of the complete population resting below the poverty line.

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West Valley City's Climate

The city of West Valley, Utah has a very moderate four season schedule year round. The summer's climate is usually long, sunny, and dry, where as the winters are longer, much colder, with a higher humidity rate then the rest of the seasons, resulting in more precipitation generally snow. The spring and fall seasons are also moderate and make for a great transition period from the hot weather to the cooler weather for resident's and visitor's of West Valley City, Utah.

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Education in West Valley City, Utah

West Valley City is the second largest city in the state of Utah, and boasts a great education system.. The city has a large variety of schooling institutes to meet the individual needs of the community. West Valley City has over 18 Elementary schools, two high schools, and four junior high schools in the West Valley school district alone. The city is also home to a wide range of post secondary schooling such as the Westminster College, Columbia College, Mountain West College, and Hawthorne University.

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Transportation around West Valley City, Utah

West Valley City residents are served by many different methods of transportation year round. The most used is the Utah Transit Authority bus line with has a general station in Salt Lake City and runs to West Valley City chauffeuring passengers to various destinations. There are also Greyhound bus lines which take passengers to different cities within and outside of the state.

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Tourism and Attractions of West Valley City

West Valley City makes history hit home in their numerous attractions and museums which are open to the public, and are a great place to visit when vacationing. Some of the great places to check out when in West Valley City are Art Access Museum, Artspace Inc., Beehive House, Benson Grist Mill, Cathedral of the Madeline, and Hill Aerospace Museum.

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Surrounding Communities

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Geography of West Valley City, Utah

The city of West Valley is located in north central Utah, and has a total land mass of 35.5 miles squared with 0.17% of which being covered by water bodies. The city is surrounded by miles of flat green which is perfect for the development of popular golf courses which are found in the city such as Westridge Golf Course and Stonebridge Golf Course. The city is also fortunate to have the wonderful scenery of the Wasatch and Quirrh Mountain ranges.

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West Valley City's Government

The West Valley City government has somewhat of a unique system which involves a Mayor, six Council members, and a CEO. The CEO is the city manager while the Mayor acts as a Chairman of the board, which happens to be the six councilors which have been elected. When it comes time for elections the mayor and three councilors are elected at the same time and the last three councilors are elected two years away. The current Mayor goes by the name of Denis J. Nordfett who will remain as the chairman of the board for a four year term, ending in 2009.

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West Valley City's Economy and Industry

West Valley City has a strong, healthy economy. The hard work of business owners is very appreciated by the Economic Development committee of West Valley city. The major contributors to the economy of West Valley city are the trades industry, professional services, communications, and manufacturing industries.

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West Valley City's Culture and Significant Events

West Valley City, Utah has various venues and centers which makes room for many different events every year, including sports, cultural, and celebratory. The Cultural Celebration Centre offers public events such as Folk Art Festival, the World of Kokeshi Dolls, and Winter Concert Series (plays). There is also the famous “E” centre which is where events of the 2002 Winter Olympics took place, and where the Utah Grizzlies play their home games. The “E” Centre is also a place for theatre and musical events, and has been ranked the fourth highest grossing venue in the United States. Other then the two main centers's mentioned there is also the Hale Centre Theater, the Harman Senior recreation Centre as well as various parks around the city which hold both original and annual events.

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Sports in West Valley City, Utah

West Valley City's most well known sports team is the Utah Grizzlies who play in the East Coast Hockey League. The Grizzlies were founded in 1994 and take great pride skating onto their home arena ice at the “E” Centre in their Brown and Green colors, representing victory. West Valley City is also well represented by the sporting teams from the various colleges and Universities within the city limits.

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Media of West Valley City

West Valley City, Utah has a small but very informative media system, which includes publication and audio/video presentation. The city shares most of Salt Lake City's media broadcasting such as newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.

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